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Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work and How to Fix it

Work-life Balance

In this famous TED talk, Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp, talks about our workplaces and how they’re not designed to fuel creativity and allow us to do our best work.

Workplaces are made to gather a bunch of people in order to work. Reality is that most of the time everyone has different tasks and thus different needs. So what it ends up being is actually a place were people get continuously interrupted by each other. It’s a nightmare.

Watch the video “Why work doesn’t happen at work” with Jason Fried.

People need calm and peace. A place where they have everything under control, where they feel safe and where they have the freedom to think. Without distractions.

This talk has always been inspiring for us.
Noisli aims to solve a lot of those issues: it’s designed to give you the freedom to be on your own no matter where you are, without getting distracted by all the buzz around you and enabling you to do your best work. Everywhere.

Start now.

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