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Dec 9, 2014  •  1 min read

Why we are so obsessed with productivity

This issue of FastCompany is all about Productivity listing tips and hacks for ways to get more out of the day.
FastCompany’s Editorial Director Jill Bernstein and Leadership Editor Kathleen Davis sat down discussing why this is such a big issue.

Kathleen says it has a lot to do with proving our worth and getting as much done as possible but also with this beautiful thing about human nature that we always want to be a better version of ourselves.

Her top tried and true tips:

1. Get up an hour earlier every day
Meditate, work out, work on your novel, check your emails or just prepare the meals for the day…

2. Delegate
Take time to train other people, they will get the skills preventing you of feeling burned out.

3. Unplug
Don’t check your email constantly, but reserve some focused time doing just one specific task. Our brain is actually not capable of multitasking and you just end up doing two things at a time not effectiveley.

For more tips and hacks you can check out FastCompany’s Productivity Issue.

Sabine Co-founder at Noisli

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