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Stop The Noise In Your Open Office


Noisli Blog - Stop the noise in your open office

Are you disturbed by your office noise?

An study from the University of Sydney highlights the biggest frustrations for employees in open offices.

Sure, open offices can make a great impact to a visitor, but for the people working there the positive aspects, having for example more light and an eventual view of nature instead of concrete walls, are not enough.

Following are the top reasons why employees don’t like open offices:
Main Frustrations For Employees In Open Offices

The biggest issue with open offices is with no doubt sound!

Sound privacy is on top position, meaning that there is no place for private conversation and everybody will be part of your team talk.

Annoyance caused by noise is a big issue too, and that means other people having to hear your conversations combined with the general office noise, such as phones ringing and people coming in and out, which have a tremendous affect on your productivity.

Furthermore, it seems that people suffer the lack of visual privacy and the fact that office temperature can not be individually adjusted.

How to reduce office noise and noisy coworkers?

In order to best mask annoying noises and co-workers chitchat, you should choose some white or pink noise, but also rain or a river stream are very suitable sounds to block out others.

Layer it with some pleasant sounds and you should be able to fully concentrate on your work no matter the office noise around you.

Avatar photo Written by Sabine

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