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Rodolphe Dutel from Buffer shares his workflow

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I’m Rodolphe, I do Business Development at Buffer – a fully distributed company, where every teammate can work from the place that make them the happiest. Last year I launched, a newsletter, job board and blog for productive remote workers. Today, we give productivity tips to over 10,000 remote workers every week.


What are your biggest struggles being a remote worker?

As a remote worker, one of the trickiest part is to balance productivity and idle time. To me, it’s all about trying to do as much as possible during what you set yourself as work hours, and then to be free in your free time. Working a set number of hours everyday in an office can be good, yet it is only one of many ways that you can organize yourself to be as flexible and productive as possible.

How do you adapt to the constant environment change without getting distracted by it?

I do my best to have different environments for different tasks. When I want to work on administrative/operational tasks, I find that coffee shops are a great place for me to be – the hustle and bustle helps me to stay focused. When interacting with teammates or clients, I prefer more quiet environment such as co-working spaces or my apartment.
Seeing, hearing and sensing activity can be very stimulating – it’s all about knowing how much is enjoyable and acknowledge when it ever becomes distracting.

How do you master the communication with your team?

We currently use many different softwares, such as HackPad for documents, Discourse forum for asynchronous communication, HipChat for office and work chatters, Sqwiggle & Zoom for individual or group video conference. We’ve also created our own solution we’ve named “HQ” to map the entire company, log our daily done and get to keep the pulse of the organisation – it also helps to know who is in what time zone at any given time; many of us travel a lot!

Which kind of physical and online tools do you use?

I use two Moleskine notebooks, one for my personal journaling and the other one for productivity. I always start my day by making a list of all things I wish to get around, or simply that are worrying me. It’s a great way for me to lay my thoughts on paper, so that I don’t keep anything in my head.
I use a pomodoro timer for all my time-boxing, Evernote helps me clip articles I like and craft notes about anything – and Buffer is the best and easiest way to share it all on Social Media!

How do you integrate Noisli in your workflow?

I use Noisli to either re-create atmospheres I enjoy (Since I love sailing, it’s often wind and water) or to try to immerse myself in a different environment. When I find myself stuck with an idea or a train of thoughts, I’ll do my best to use a soundtrack as different as possible to my current situation to try to snap out of it. I can listen to coffee shop sounds at home, or to the ocean in a coffee shop – unsure why I do this but it seems to be working great though!

How does a typical day look like for you?

Most of my weekdays start in my flat, then I go to my local coffee shop for a morning work session were I structure by blocks. Around midday, I typically run errands, cook and then take a nap back home. In the afternoon I try to have a 2pm-7pm work session at the local co-working space. When needs be, I will jump back in and wrap up a few things at my flat.

On weekends, I typically decide on having either Saturday or Sunday as a work day and try to fit in two 3 hours sessions. As a rule of thumb, I never take my battery cord with me to coffee shops – when my battery is empty, I should probably stop working and take a walk instead!

Head over to Noisli and listen to Rodolphe’s favorite Combo.

— Your Noisli Team

Written by Sabine

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Head over to Noisli and listen to some soothing background sounds.

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