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Marketer Karola Karlson shares her tools and tips

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I am Karola Karlson from Estonia.
I recently made a move from Content Marketing to Digital Marketing at Scoro (all-in-one work management solution). So my days pass by doing of all things digital marketing – setting up landing pages, newsletters, copywriting, PPC, SEO, conversion optimisation, and there’s loads of more stuff to be done.
It’s kind of a hectic mix of various tasks requiring a different level of commitment and focus. But it also has its perks – I learn something new every single day.

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When I started with copywriting, I really had to get into the right mood to get the words on paper (read: Google Docs). While it’s easier now, I still need to get into this “flow” to find the right words and be inspired to write.

Here are a few tips that work for me:

1. I prefer writing in the morning while well-rested and still not overwhelmed by other tasks and thoughts.
2. As I need silence in order to focus, I use a pair of headphones, listening to the sounds on Noisli.
3. I try to get myself excited about the topic and write about things that I truly care about. It really increases one’s motivation.

My workplace

I’m extremely lucky to work in a startup with the mindset that “We don’t mind where and when you work until you achieve the results”.

But as we have a 3-person marketing team, I still go to the office at least 3 days a week to discuss everything with others. I regularly find it hard to focus in the office as everyone keeps talking on the background. So that’s when I reach out for my headphones. I believe that we all eventually get used to working in a busy and noisy office, it just takes some time to adjust to.

I’ve recently discovered that working at home for 2 hours in the morning and then walking to the office keeps my productivity at its highest. I also like to sometimes work for 10 hours in a row and end sooner on the next day. It creates this feeling of freedom.

My struggles

For me, the hardest part is to keep my mind off from wondering to new ideas. It happens a lot. I start working on a website layout change and 30 minutes later I find myself creating a plan for A/B testing website elements. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, we do get lots of new ideas about how to improve our marketing strategy.

To keep myself focused, I make the rule of not leaving a web page or document until I’ve completed the task.

I like to turn off mobile notifications (not just the sound but also the home screen notifications). It just keeps me sane and less distracted throughout the day.

I also schedule my days using Notion (online teamwork tool). Simply creating task lists isn’t enough, I like to set the exact time of the day for implementing each task, otherwise I tend to get stuck and spend too much time on low-priority activities.

I bet most of us are familiar with the afternoon fatigue – the work productivity seems to decrease by 50% after lunch. So I usually go for a 20-minute walk to rest my mind and be more motivated when I return. I also like to spend my afternoons in cafes, moving to the next one as I complete a set of tasks.

Productivity tools

I use Noisli in the office whenever I feel like I need to focus and tune out from the surrounding talk and sounds. It’s really changed the way I work and it is sooo much easier to get things done at work.
I also like to tune into the rain sound while at home to create this cozy atmosphere where you’re more eager to focus on work than go outside.

I like more neutral sounds, like the sound of the wind mixed with light rain. Here’s what I usually listen to: My favorite Combo!

I like to keep my productivity tool arsenal as compact as possible. Right now, I’m using:
1. Notion team collaboration tool + I use it as a weekly planner for task management and a notebook tool
2. Noisli for turning a noisy office into my personal silent haven
3. Lightshot the best screen capturing tool
4. Email Hunter find all emails on a website
5. Buffer for sharing posts to my social media channels more quickly
6. Undo at Gmail did you know that you can add an “Undo” button to Gmail so that you can take back the email if you notice a mistake while hitting “Send”

Thank you Karola for sharing this insights with us and our readers!

Written by Sabine

Thank you for reading!
Head over to Noisli and listen to some soothing background sounds.

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