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iOS Update: Combo Sync

Noisli1 min read

We have a great new update to the Noisli iOS application.
Finally you can synchronise your favourite combinations between the iOS app and the web app.

Here is a quick guide:

1. Go to your “Combos” page and click on the “Settings” icon
Noisli iOS Update

2. Log in or create a free profile
Noisli iOS Update

3. Great, your Combos are now in Sync!
Note that always the last created combinations will get synchronised between the devices.
Noisli iOS Update

Tipp: stay logged in to have your combos always in sync :)

If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it here.
Hope you enjoy it!

– Your Noisli Team

Written by Sabine

Thank you for reading!
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