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8 easy ways how to improve your focus and increase your concentration instantly


Noisli - How to increase your focus and concentration

Being able to focus and concentrate on a task is essential to do any kind of work.

Yet, in a world full of distractions, it’s no wonder that people find it increasingly difficult to stay focused for longer periods without continuously being interrupted.

Your lack of focus can have many reasons and what you need is a set of tools and tips that you can use whenever you can’t focus on the task at hand.

Luckily, there are some easy tips on how you can increase your concentration and stay focused for longer.

8 Easy tips on how to improve your focus instantly

If you need to focus right now but can’t, check out the following tips to help you stay focused:

1. Chose the right workspace

The space you’re working from has a big influence on your ability to focus. Make sure it has the right temperature, that lets you sit in a comfortable position and where you have all the tools you need for the task at hand.
It should be a space that inspires you and that allows you to do your work undisturbed.

2. Eliminate distractions

Focus is often interrupted by distractions, and the source of distractions can be external or internal. Make sure you eliminate those distractions, for example by moving to another space (see above), putting your phone in flight mode and face down and muting all notifications on your computer. You should set everything up so that you can have peace of mind that nothing will interrupt you and break your focus.

3. Listen to background sounds

Noise is one of the main problems when it comes to breaking your focus. When you find yourself in an environment which is either too loud or too quiet, any sudden noise will distract you and break your focus. You can solve this by listening to background sounds, which create a constant, pleasant and inspiring sound environment while at the same time masking any potential disturbing noises.

4. Define the task

It’s difficult to focus if your task is not well defined. Tasks that are too big or too complex often lack actionable steps, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and without clear instructions on what to do. Clearly define the task at hand by breaking it down into smaller and actionable next steps.
Also, do not multitask and opt for single-tasking to work efficiently without draining your energy and focus.

5. Use Time Blocking

Check your schedule and define a timeframe for the task. Block out that time on your schedule and let others know that you will be unavailable for the set time period. Time blocking will help you to fully focus on the task.

6. Set a timer

Nobody can focus for long periods and our mind naturally seeks a break after 25 minutes. Working in sessions is the best way to focus on a task while safeguarding your energy and focus. Set a timer of 25 minutes and do your work. Once the time is over take a 5-minute break. Repeat these steps 4 times. This is called the Pomodoro technique and is one of the most used productivity techniques out there.

7. Eat well and stay hydrated

You can’t focus if you’re hungry or if you’re dehydrated. Make sure that you eat regularly and that you take the right nutrients so that your mind and body have enough energy and strength to sustain you and help you focus on your tasks.

8. Take a break

If you’re easily distracted and can’t seem to focus on anything, then sometimes all you need is a break. Breaks are important as they allow you to recharge and avoid burnout. There are many efficient ways how to take a break which will help you recharge your batteries and restore your focus.

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