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How To Fight Spring Fever

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Spring is here and for many of us this means also having to deal with a period of low energy and fatigue.

During winter our body adopts and protects itself from lower temperatures and reduced sunlight. Longer days and warmer temperatures lead to an increase in activity but our bodies take more time to adjust the sleep-awake cycle and thus our timing is often out of sync.

Noisli - Spring Fever

Our Tips for overcoming Spring Fever:

1. Prepare Your Body
Start early to train your body for the frequent weather and temperature changes. Cold showers will prepare your body and train your vessels.

2. Change Your Diet
Fuel your body with fresh Vegetables and Fruits. During Winter we tend to eat food which is more fat and low in vital nutrients and therefore our vitamins have all been consumed before the arriving of Spring.

3. Get Fresh Air
Get some activity and lots of fresh air. Better if early in the morning so the chemical “Serotonin” can be produced faster. (Even on a rainy day there is enough light.)

4. Surround Yourself With Nature
If nature is hardly accessible, you can help yourself and stream some natural sounds from Noisli into your ears. It will improve your mental abilities and boost your productivity.

Now, Get Some Nature Into Your Ears :)

– Your Noisli Team

Written by Sabine

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