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Focus means Prioritization

Productivity 1 min read

What has New York City and the Social Web in common? And what has this to do with productivity?

Focus Means Prioritization

If you wander through the streets of NYC you get probably overwhelmed by just everything, wonderful serendipitous stuff may happen, jumping from one street to the other…but in the end, you are exhausted.

Like social media, its a non-stop distraction.

A lot of things strive continuously for our attention but we need to prioritize things and evaluate if they are good or bad for us.
If we want to give something our full attention we must first of all start to ignore everything else.

“Our time and headspace are the most valuable thing we have….we need to spend less time looking to others for interesting things, and start spending more time doing things that make us interesting.”

Read the full post of @ableparris and his thought on NYC and social media here.

Written by Sabine

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