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Daily Habits To Grow Your Brain


We all want to keep our brain in shape. Doing some brain training might help, but we rarely do something that really challenges our brain and makes it grow.

Here are 5 things you can do on a daily basis to grow your brain:

1. Be in sync with the sunrise and sunset
The circadian rhythms, also called the “biological clock”, is important in determining the sleeping and feeding patterns of all animals, including human beings.

Studies have proven that a disturbance to the circadian rhythm can cause health problems. The more you can adapt your lifestyle to the natural cycle of day and night, the better for your mental and physical health.

Little Hacks

2. Take fish oil
Dr. Jennifer Jones, psychologist and expert in the science of success, says that fish oil prevents stress and helps dendrites to grow. “In order to have the best brain functioning, we need to have lots of dendrites,” says Jones.

3. Get out of your comfort zone
If you’re doing things outside your norm you’re helping you dendrites to grow but if you’re staying in your usual roles and habits you will literally not have any brain growth at all.

4. Exhaust your brain
Think like physical exercise: If you’re not exhausted or tired after your exercise, you have probably not pushed yourself enough to achieve any improvements. The same goes for your brain: if you’re studying something or trying to solve a problem and you’re feeling exhausted, then you’re actually “growing your brain neurologically” says Jones.

5. Access your subconscious mind
We’re driven by subconscious decisions and you can train it with mind focus exercises. Your subconscious mind is accessed while you’re sleeping. Studying or reflecting about your day before you go to sleep will help your brain to process the information during the night.

– Your Noisli Team

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