Noisli - Home gardening for improved wellbeing

Home gardening for improved wellbeing

Wellbeing 3 min read

The environment that surrounds us—what we see, smell and hear—has a big influence on our emotional and physical wellbeing. It can influence our mood as well as our immune and…

Noisli - Our Summer Reading List

Summer reading list 2020: Books about Nature

Wellbeing 3 min read

We feel there is a general need and an increased craving to experience nature, to have a deeper connection with it and to seek the great outdoors. For this year’s…

Noisli - How to bring nature into your home

How to bring nature into your home

Wellbeing 5 min read

We are aware that the current situation, due to the coronavirus outbreak, is bringing a lot of stress and anxiety, and has a huge impact especially on people living in…

Noisli - happiness

Where to find happiness

Wellbeing 3 min read

Everybody wants to be happy. Happiness is the ultimate goal to achieve no matter what life throws at us. We all have good and bad things happening throughout our life…

How to Fight Winter Blues

Wellbeing 4 min read

Most of us like to do a weather check first thing in the morning, and so do I. During this time of the year, more often than not, you open…

How the Scent of Herbs can Help with Focus and Anxiety

Wellbeing 7 min read

Herbs have some amazing superpowers which can help to focus, help with anxiety, or simply lift your mood. We show you 10 easy accessible herbs, what they are good for…

Spring Cleaning – How to Declutter your Digital Life

Wellbeing 4 min read

It’s time for some Spring Cleaning. Mostly related to cleaning the house during spring, this practice is definitely applicable to all sorts of aspects in our lives. It’s a good…

Tired or Burning Eyes? You may have Eye Strain

Wellbeing 8 min read

Frequent headaches, blurry or double vision, burning eyes, focusing difficulties, eye fatigue, eye irritation, excessive tearing, dry eyes, pain in the eyes and frequently blinking and squinting. Raise your hand…

How to Adopt a Positive Attitude and Improve Your Life

Wellbeing 5 min read

There are really no drawbacks in having a positive attitude in life. Even being surrounded by people that are optimistic, grateful and see things going wrong as a challenge rather…

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