Noisli - Productivity system - Time blocking

Productivity system: Time Blocking

Productivity 2 min read

What is Time Blocking? Time blocking is a simple productivity method where you decide in advance when you will be doing what. The basic principle is that you dedicate blocks…

Noisli - Productivity system - Don’t Break the Chain

Productivity system: Don’t Break the Chain

Productivity 2 min read

What is Don’t Break the Chain? Don’t break the chain, also called “The Seinfeld Method”, is a productivity technique which mainly focuses on building habits. The main purpose of this…

Noisli - Productivity system- Personal Kanban

Productivity system: Personal Kanban

Productivity 3 min read

What is Kanban? Kanban is a productivity method that has its origin in Japan in the 1940s, and the name comes from the Japanese word Kanban (看板) which means “signboard”….

Noisli - Productivity Systems

What is a productivity system and which ones exist?

Productivity 3 min read

What is a productivity system? A productivity system, also productivity technique or method, is nothing more than a set of procedures according to which something is done. The goal of…

Noisli - How to increase productivity

How to increase productivity

Productivity 7 min read

There are many ways to solve a problem. If you are looking for a quick list of 100 hacks to increase productivity, here it is, but please keep in mind…

Noisli - The biggest productivity challenges

The biggest productivity challenges

Productivity 2 min read

Besides all the different factors that can influence your productivity, there are some basic challenges we all have to overcome when it comes to productivity. Table of content: Changing your…

Noisli - What factors affect productivity

What factors affect productivity?

Productivity 3 min read

We all know why productivity is important and the benefits it brings. But, what are the factors that affect our productivity at work? Indeed, personal productivity is not just about…

Noisli - Benefits of personal productivity and why it is important

Benefits of personal productivity and why it is important

Productivity 4 min read

Even if you already know what productivity is, you might still wonder: why is personal productivity important? What are the benefits of personal productivity and why should I care? Well,…

Noisli - What is Productivity?

What is productivity? Simple definition and key principles

Productivity 4 min read

Everybody’s always talking about productivity and how to increase it. But, what is productivity? And what does it mean exactly to be productive? Table of content: Definition of Productivity What…

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