Marketer Karola Karlson shares her tools and tips

Interviews 3 min read

I am Karola Karlson from Estonia. I recently made a move from Content Marketing to Digital Marketing at Scoro (all-in-one work management solution). So my days pass by doing of…

Product Designer Mariusz Cieśla shares how he manages work-life balance

Interviews 3 min read

I’m Mariusz Cieśla — Product designer & Co-founder of Originally from Krakow, Poland, I spent a fair amount of time living briefly in different places in the world before…

Rodolphe Dutel from Buffer shares his workflow

Interviews 3 min read

I’m Rodolphe, I do Business Development at Buffer – a fully distributed company, where every teammate can work from the place that make them the happiest. Last year I launched…

Freelance Writer Jojo Scoble on Productivity and How She Uses Noisli

Interviews 5 min read

My name is Josephine, but people call me Jojo. I qualified from my PhD (zoology; microbiology) in 2013 from University of Oxford and did a post-doc year in Saskatchewan, Canada,…

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