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5 Tools to Enhance Your Workday


Let’s kick this week off by sharing our current five tools we use every day to enhance our productivity:

5 Tools to Enhance your Workday

1. Bullet Journal
We started using this to-do list system a few months ago and it was the first time we’ve been able to actually stick to it for more than a few weeks.
All you have to do is to grab a little square notebook and write down what you have to do every day.
They are also currently running their Kickstarter Campaign which lasts for another 2 days!

2. Noisli
Once at work, I plug in my headphones and play some nice soothing sounds so I immediately get into work mood and can fully focus on my tasks. One of my favourite combinations is Waterstream with a little bit of Birds singing or Train and Fan. Both are especially useful to drown out office noise or loud co-workers.

3. Trello
I can’t remember when I started to use Trello but I immediately became a fan of it. It is a project management tool that allows teams to collaborate in very simple way. Simply add tasks on the “To Do” list and move them accordingly to “Doing” and “Done”.

4. Google Drive
If you have a gmail account you can easily access Google Drive and create or upload different files like text files, spreadsheets and more. We use it on a daily basis because it makes it easy to share files with others and access it from everywhere.

5. F.lux
A tiny tool that your eyes will thank you for when you stay up late working on your computer. With this tool, your computer screen will adapt itself to your current location and sunset/sunrise providing you with a soft light that protects your eyes instead of the bright and aggressive computer screen.

Very curious to look back at this after a few months and see what has changed :)

Avatar photo Written by Sabine

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