Summer reading list

3 min read Noisli - Our Summer Reading List

We feel there is a general need and an increased craving to experience nature, to have a deeper connection with it and to seek the great outdoors. We’ve selected 10 books to read this Summer where you can immerse yourself and find a deeper connection with nature. The Invention of Nature: The Adventures of Alexander […]

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Working in sessions – why it matters and how it works

7 min read Noisli - Working in sessions

Our mind is not made to focus for 8 hours straight. Research has shown that the natural attention span of adults for a task that requires focused attention lies around 20 minutes. We are able to refocus on the same task, but we can’t focus for very long stretches of time until our brain naturally […]

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How to bring nature into your home

5 min read Noisli - How to bring nature into your home

We are aware that the current situation, due to the coronavirus outbreak, is bringing a lot of stress and anxiety, and has a huge impact especially on people living in the city, people that do not have the privilege of having a garden or a balcony and on people that do not have easy access […]

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Simple things you can do to take care of our planet

2 min read Noisli - Earth Day 2020

In celebration of Earth Day, we’ve put together a few simple things that you can do on a daily basis to be more mindful and take care of our planet. 1. Use eco friendly means of transportation Walk or bike whenever you can Use public transportation Use car, scooter or bike sharing services Use carpooling […]

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Where to find happiness

3 min read Noisli - happiness

Everybody wants to be happy. Happiness is the ultimate goal to achieve no matter what life throws at us. We all have good and bad things happening throughout our life and being happy means different things to each of us. And while we all are at different stages of our life and some of us […]

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Introducing Noisli 3.0

4 min read

We are excited to introduce Noisli 3.0, a complete redesign and rebuild of our Web app which will provide a cleaner and better user interface and some great new features. Amazing new sounds We added 12 new high quality sounds to our collection so you can create even more exciting sound combinations. If you ever […]

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Stop having phone conversations in front of your coworkers

2 min read

During work hours we need most of our concentration, and it is while we are trying to focus that we’re more sensitive towards interruptions. So, it’s good to know that there are certain things/situations that bring us more out of focus than others. One of the most annoying and frequent distraction is somebody near you […]

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